Joining SPOTO CLUB, I became a CCIE!

Posted By: 2019-03-13

When I was packing things, a "CCNA Study Guide" suddenly caught my eye and pulled my memory back. I took it to the ignorant lush years.

That was the day after the first year of the freshman year when the various departments of the school began to contribute to the newcomers. I walked on the avenue leading to the canteen with my small bag, thinking that someone would snatch my chicken legs. At that time being, a girl gave me a leaflet saying "Cisco Networking Technology Academy is starting to enroll now, do you want to get technology? Do you want to be an IT talent? Join us." There is no concern because several terms appearing inside have touched my knowledge blind zone, so this thing has been taken over. One night after a few days, an IT madman in the dormitory asked me to know about the Cisco Networking Academy. He also said that he had joined and wanted to pull me into the pit. After listening to his words and the previous flyer, I became curious about this mysterious place and joined the Cisco Network Academy halfway. Since then, I have started a weekly network technical training. The most impressive thing is that the first class teacher gave a presentation about what Cisco is doing and the various levels and difficulty of Cisco CCIE Certification and what needs to be learned. When I heard the word CCIE, I couldn't help but erect my ears. At that time, I thought about it if I could test the CCIE certificate one day. Finally, it became a dream for me.

At that time, the pressure on the coursework was not very heavy. Every week, I took a lot of time to stay in the computer room and beat and play to see the four thick books recommended by the official. After insisting on a few months, I feel that there is no motivation. The four books are like me in front of four big mountains, and this is only the NA stage. At that moment, my heart is ashamed, as if I am coming from my dream. The farther it is. At this critical moment, my roommates came out again, and I said that SPOTO is engaged in activities today, do you want to participate? SPOTO? What is that? After some inquiries, I learned the magical place of the training class. I was also moved by the sweet words of representative of SPOTO. I signed up for the train on the same day. Since then, I have been deeper and deeper in the pit of the network.

The feeling of studying with the teacher in SPOTO is completely different from reading a book. Reading a book is like riding a bicycle. Learning from the class is like flying a rocket and flying straight into the sky. Time flies and a year has passed in the blink of an eye. I also seem to understand NA and NP, and I am ready to march into IE. At this time, I was not interested in the professional courses I had studied. Every time I was in class, I made a bold decision: Give up my profession and march in the direction of the network.

Any decision is a price, and this time is no exception. Studying and preparing for IE for half a year is just the most arduous time of my class. Various professional courses come one after another, and I can’t breathe. I can only have a little free time to practice at night or on weekends for configuration. Early morning is the best time period of memory in the day. I am mixed among the students in the postgraduate examination. When others recite political issues, I recite CFG. After turning off the lights at night, I put on earplugs and continue to recall the operation and topology of CFG in my mind. Perhaps it is a clean stream on campus.

Since my foundation is not very good, I often need to go back and look at the previous theoretical video, try my best to understand the intent of each step in the version, and often miss the dinner because of the fascination of learning. I still clearly remember to carry my little bag on every cold night and leave the warm and tempting dormitory. I walked alone in the cold wind of the winter night, watching a pair of laughing and roaring couples walking by my heart, inside. Not the slightest wave, but the pace is more firmly toward the dream. Just a moment in my mind will recall the first love of the young, the girl in the picture once said to accompany me to the examination room...

Looking back now, I really admire myself at that time. Although I am very tired and tired, I gave up a lot and got a stomach problem. The whole person lost weight, but I never thought about retreating and giving up. I didn’t put down my studies to rest for a few days and even practice on the configuration of addiction. If I don’t practice one day, there is a sense of guilt that I can’t tell. What strength is it that I have been moving forward, probably a dream? Or that’s probably from the heart of a stubborn and persistent? I think both of them have it.

Later, I went to the sprint and the exam stage. I went home and started the crazy configuration of the exercise. Everyone in the New Year’s Eve and the first day spent the mock exam. The eve of the exam was still very stressful. All the situations that may be encountered during the non-stop drill, from fail to pass from configuration 3 to configuration 1 from the eagerness of friends and relatives to the sneer of the good guys, it is impossible to fall in sleep, basically wake up every hour once, I also had a nightmare, dreaming that the intestines in the stomach had established a BGP neighbor relationship and had been rolling. Then I woke up and found that it was a stomachache that made me laugh and cry. When I really got out of the examination venue, my heart was full of mischief and you could only able to understand it if you experienced it. 

I want to say that learning CCIE is like a hard practice. It may take a lot of hard work and fail to achieve the expected results. You may miss beautiful sceneries in your life journey, and you may not get the understanding of family and friends, but since if you make up your mind, you must work hard to go on. If you try your best, you will have no regrets even if you fail, and you will be closer to success than standing in the same place. CCIE not only examines the technology but also examines the mentality of the candidates. There is even a certain amount of luck in it. The mentality is the most important. I remember that there were several places in the exam that I didn’t solve. I once wanted to leave the paper. At a critical juncture, I suddenly remembered that “the winners never give up, the abandoners never succeed”, and then they calm down and seriously think about it.

Efforts should be as early as possible. The younger friends like me should be the prime time for preparing for IE. There is no burden of raising a family. There is no worry about the promotion of the workplace. There is a lot of time studying, as long as it is not ruined. Persevere in learning schedules and you will definitely get the results you want. Now when I talk about IE, I will think of SPOTO. It is the classmates and teachers of SPOTO who gave me great motivation and confidence. I know that it is easier for a group of people to insist on sticking to one person. Next, I will start to review the postgraduate exam, hoping to make greater progress under the cover of IE Aura.

Finally, share a piece of your favorite words and share with you:

When you are lonely, there will be no one to accompany you;

When the saddest, no one will care for you;

Only yourself, experiencing some necessary experiences;

You can answer some of the problems in your life but only by yourself

Believe in yourself, never give up!