How to Prepare for CCIE Collaboration Certification Exam?

Posted By: 2019-07-10

 Starting up to pursue the CCIE Voice written exam could be quite daunting.  But, I would recommend approaching it as an extension of the Cisco CCVP certification.   Much of the recommended reading for the CCVP forms the groundwork for the CCIE Voice Written.

The CCVP certification covers Cisco Voice over IP, QoS Principles, and Implementing and Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Systems.  Personally, I found that the CCVP would give me quite a nice introduction - but it wouldn’t provide me all those things which are needed to know in order to support competently Cisco Unified Communications system.  For me, there wasn’t any substitute for experience.

Many candidates might feel that the CCVP did not prepare them for clearing the CCIE Voice Written exam.  The CCIE Voice Written exam would be requiring a much deeper understanding of the CCVP topics, and even many more topics that wouldn’t be covered within the CCVP.  You are required to have a good training provider to for the same, as without it, there are lots of chances that you fail to clear this exam in the first go.

CCIE Collaboration Preparation Tips:

Because the CCIE Collaboration Written exam is going to assume the candidate’s familiarity with a variety of unified communications solutions as for example, CUPS, CUCM, CUC, CUCME, and UCCX, you would be certainly benefitted by first successfully completing both the voice or collaboration associate as well as professional level certifications. Then, you would be able to fill in the gaps, for example, IP multicast, and UCCX while going through self-study.

Perhaps you might have the luxury of working with some of these technologies in the current place where you are employed. If so, you might want to check into the possibility of constructing lab topologies of collaboration, which could help you out for preparing for not only the CCIE Collaboration Written exam but also for the CCIE Collaboration Lab exam ultimately.

Well, if you aren’t fortunate enough to work with these technologies, you might consider renting out the rack time from one of the too many CCIE training companies. Or you might even want to invest in a series of Cisco Press books which would be quite as detailed in the next section.

Finally, if your budget would be allowing, consider it that would be attending a CCIE Collaboration Written boot camp, like that offered by the SPOTO. Personally, the benefit which I’ve seen from the candidates who are attending a boot camp is that it would seem to compress their study time quite a lot.

What I mean to say that, as and when you start preparing for your first attempt at the CCIE Voice Lab, you are recommended to attend at least a week-long boot camp, provided by a well-reputed firm like the SPOTO. Upon leaving the boot camp that would be offered by the SPOTO, would be remarked that you might have learned more in that one week which you wouldn’t be able to in a whole month and a half of independent study. So, although you felt that you could have reached that level on your own, it would have taken quite much longer.


So, basically, the best way to prepare you would be to get yourself enrolled in one of such boot camp provider, for which I would recommend SPOTO, to ease up your study time and also to boost up your chances of achieving the CCIE Collaboration Certification, in the first attempt. SPOTO would provide you the best training along with passing guarantee, which would increase your confidence as well as your chances of achieving the CCIE Collaboration Certification.