CCIE DC Orchestration and Automation Solutions

Posted By: 2019-06-24

Data center optimization would require an expertly architected infrastructure that would be utilizing a number of different technologies so as to handle a variety of workloads. But technology alone would be considered not enough; people and processes must be considered as a part of the equation as well. While servers, software as well as backbone networking equipment might make up the physical data center, those systems couldn’t run themselves. Learning this would be required to clear your CCIE DC exam. You could gain full coverage of these topics by joining the courses offered by the SPOTO.


Much of the success or failure of an enterprise data center is going to depend on an organization’s plan for managing as well as maintaining these tools. As enterprise data centers grow more and more complex, organizations would be needed to find ways to streamline as well as simplify this work. Many are turning to automation and orchestration technologies that would reduce repetitive or mundane tasks, speed up processes as well as drive down overhead.


In addition to saving time as well as freeing up IT staff to work on other projects, automation and orchestration solutions could dramatically speed up the delivery of data center resources. As for illustration: Between licensing and technical concerns, it could take some organizations weeks or it might take even months to manually provision virtual machines. With automation and orchestration tools, that turnaround could be shortened to hours.


Additionally, speeding up the delivery of IT services could also prevent the problem of shadow IT when users follow their own technology solutions instead of relying on their IT staff. Line-of-business users would be less likely to bring in outside tools if in-house IT shops would be able to meet their needs quickly as well as efficiently.


Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions includes server automation solutions as well as network automation solutions. They both free up staff time as well as reduce errors by automatically completing management functions. Server automation tools carry out tasks like the patching whereas Network Automation tools are used for tasks which would include network mapping, device discovery, configuration management as well as the provisioning of virtual resources. These tools would be replicating the model of many public cloud services, which are highly automated already.


As IP networks have become more important to the daily operation of organizations in virtually each and every industry, they would have also become much more complex supporting video, collaboration, email, IP telephony as well as other applications. In the not-too-distant past, most organizations would have been already able to weather a brief network outage with relatively little problem, but many enterprises today also would find their operations coming to a near standstill if they would be lost access to their IP networks for even a short period of time. Because of this reliance on the network, IT administrators are considered under immense pressure in order to avoid unplanned downtime.


Network Automation Tools could help businesses so as to cope with challenges and meet goals which are related to IP networks by delivering the following key benefits:

•    Cost reductions would result from the automation of time-consuming manual compliance as well as configuration tasks.

•    The ability in order to easily pass audits as well as to meet compliance requirements through proactive policy enforcement, along with audit reports and compliance reports.

•    Improvements in network security stemming from an increased ability so as to recognize and fix security vulnerabilities before they could affect the network.

•    Providing better network stability and increased uptime preventing network inconsistencies and misconfigurations.


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