Network engineer's employment choice

Posted By: 2018-12-25

Now the network industry can provide high-paying industry-oriented operation and maintenance of manufacturers and big parties, such as finance, such as large manufacturing, and then Internet company cloud computing company.


No matter what career you choose, it’s good for you. Software engineers or network engineers, if not their own interests, are very painful to do. Work without interest and passion will not do well.


The current demand for software engineers is definitely larger than that of network engineers. According to the statistical law, the code of 100 lines has an average of one bug. In order to find these bugs, it takes more time to test. The general test can only find 80. -90% of bugs, leaving 10% of undiscovered bugs left in the product, and when customers have large concurrent requests and large traffic, they can find 5% of the bugs in the product. The more difficult it is to find bugs later, the harder it is to solve. Software engineers need to constantly fix bugs, which also causes the demand for software engineers to be large.


Network engineer, primary inspection, intermediate configuration, testing, troubleshooting, advanced network design, advanced troubleshooting. This time reflects your value. Most software engineers are only proficient in their own, and the understanding of the network is not so deep. It still needs network engineers to take the network platform to reproduce the bugs on the customer site. In fact, no one must be stronger than anyone else but the division of labor is different.


I have been a software engineer for many years, but I am not interested, because the development is only dedicated to a small piece of the network, and I don't know the overall architecture of the network. There is a feeling of being in this mountain and the cloud is not known. In fact, there are two years of development work that I forced myself to do. I remember that the big characters in the network have generally developed. Cisco principal engineer, distinguish engineer is a software engineer, so the development of network protocols is good for knowing. More details, deeper levels. Don't be arrogant, don't be blindly arrogant, the characters of the big cow are generally low-key, and the more arrogant, the more you can show your own shallowness.

I have helped software engineers to troubleshoot, MVPN, DMVPN, FLexVPN, without a thorough understanding, how to start? What are these stuffs? How many software engineers know? It is not through the accumulation of network knowledge, how can we understand it thoroughly? No one in this world is better than anyone else. You can make up your mind and work hard to stand out.

Don't be confused, obey your inner choices, do it if you are interested in it, don't force yourself. Software engineers and network engineers are very promising.


Let's talk about network engineer CCIE. Some people say that network engineers are looking at the manuals. I want to say that the level of people you know is too low. CCIE is not configured with ip and static routes. It is called CCIE, so it is cheap to go to the computer city. Saving things, the computer city shops have already killed the integrators. CCIE should deal with the rationality of the architecture, how routing jitter can quickly converge within the entire network, and how bandwidth can be properly utilized and optimized. This is what a real CCIE should do. The real technology god should be humble. The technology is interoperable. The code farmers have been doing the four functions of adding, deleting, and checking for so many years. If you are a Software architecture direction, you are not a code farmer. I believe that it is not so easy to do this level.


Let's talk about the future. The standard of SDN is still the traditional old company of cisco and IBM. Software engineers can slowly extend the network, which means that network engineers can also encroach on the field of software engineers. If you don't keep up with the rhythm of knowledge update, I believe that any industry can't do well. If you have the ideal to pursue, or go to the first-tier cities to work, on the one hand, there are many opportunities, on the one hand, there are many cowboy, all kinds of crushed, fierce competition and pressure, pushing you forward. . . Network engineers have more time to master new knowledge than software engineers. This is the advantage, and network engineers are expected to cheer.