How long to pass CCIE Security Lab exam

Posted By: 2018-12-20

Passing the CCIE Security Lab exam is just another milestone to be achieved for any CCIE prospect in order to become a CCIE Security certified professional. The CCIE Security certifications validate that the individual possesses all the skills required to design and secure any network. There are still many non-Cisco vendors joining the network industry every day making the market more competitive. However, the demand for CCIE certifications are growing day by day and the CCIE certified professionals have a cent per cent job guarantee.


CCIE exam is a competitive expert level certification where the individuals have to prove the following skills in order to become certified. They should be able to verify and resolve the network security issues in a timely manner. They should be able to troubleshoot any issue arising in Cisco technology/products. They should have good hands on identifying the root causes without accessing the devices. Last but not the least they should develop skills on understanding the traffic flaws and learning how to bridge them.


In order to become eligible with troubleshooting and securing any prescribe Cisco network, the candidates have to undergo extensive learning. They should possess good hands on their skills and this involves a lot of practice. The CCIE individuals who are planning to prepare and pass the CCIE Security lab exam should keep in mind that they will surely need nine to fifteen months of extensive practice for passing CCIE security lab exam. This means that the CCIE Security lab exam is really very tough and it cannot be passed if you are not fully prepared.


Many individuals appear in CCIE Security lab exam and end up failing it because they have set expectations for themselves however the Cisco does require you to be very realistic. The passing candidates will tell you that the only secret of passing CCIE lab exam is your hands-on practice. Cisco itself states that the candidates passing ratio in the first attempt is very low. So do not burn up your money taking the exam without proper preparation.


The preparation can be done by getting access to all the relevant learning material. This material can be accessed through the Cisco official website which is a good resource for providing self-study learning stuff as well as content generated by their community experts. The individuals should also make notes of all the important data and make their habit of reviewing them. Some CCIE lab exam prospects also keep on purchasing practice exam data from reliable vendors and try to solve them in order to get some good hands-on practice.


Proper project management is required to the individuals in order to pass the CCIE Security Lab exam. Either it is your first attempt or another but make sure that you can change your future if you pass this exam.  So, stick to your basic objectives until the end. Don't set expectations for yourself. Make habits of practising and learning everything in your domain related to the exam. Determine what suits you the best in terms of preparation.  Do not go for too many options, consider options to plan your tasks weekly or bi-weekly terms. Make determination by focusing your routine tasks. Take time for your preparations and it will be good if you plan for at least nine to fifteen months of preparation before appearing in the Lab exam.


Once you have prepared for this Lab exam, and you feel that now is the right time to test your skills by getting enrolled in the CCIE Security Lab exam. Even then better to take one more month time to schedule for your exam. Don't forget that this becoming a CCIE Security certified professional means that you really own something which the others don't have.