Five Tips for Daily Maintenance of the Switch

Posted By: 2019-04-24

With the rapid development of information technology, the switch, as the carrier of information circulation, is one of the most widely used network devices, and its role is self-evident. Therefore, in the use of Nissan, pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the core equipment of the switch, so as not to cause failure. What issues should I pay attention to when managing the switch?

1Daily environmental maintenance

The requirements for the temperature and environment of the switch are relatively high. The large amount of users, high energy consumption, and the amount of heat emitted is also quite large, so the switch needs to operate in a constant temperature and clean environment. If the temperature of the equipment room is high, the heat dissipation of the machine will be difficult, resulting in changes in the parameters of the switch components. In severe cases, equipment damage will occur. If the equipment room is too dry, static electricity will occur, which threatens the safety of the switch.

2、Software and hardware maintenance

Professional switch maintenance personnel are on duty every day to check the software and hardware functions, and record the ambient temperature and humidity of the equipment room. Check whether the input voltage and output voltage, current, frequency and other indications are within the normal operating range. Test whether the signals of various sound sources are normal, check whether the spare parts, spare parts, tools, and meters are complete, fully understand the working conditions of each system, and make records and inspections. Periodically do a comprehensive anti-virus work on the server and maintenance terminal to ensure the safe operation of each server.

3、Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is to collect all kinds of data needed by the switch through the methods of inspection, measurement and spot check of the switch, and professionally classify and analyze the data, so as to propose specific methods and measures for the switch to eliminate hidden dangers. The maintenance of the switch usually requires preventive maintenance, and it is necessary to prevent it before it happens.

4、Computer room maintenance system

In order to ensure the scientific and institutional management of the switch room, formulate various rules and regulations, duty system and spare parts management system of the computer room, and make a record system of the original data. The computer room is kept clean and hygienic.The maintenance authority of the switch operator should be set reasonably and effectively to avoid system failure caused by human factors. For the deletion and modification of the switch data, the data must be backed up first to avoid losing the original data, which is inconvenient for the daily data recording work of the switch.

5、Fault maintenance

The switch requires professional care and maintenance, often wiping dust to prevent gray matter from entering the inside of the switch, causing a short circuit and causing system failure. It is not allowed to replace the circuit board and components for no reason, and the switch can not be dismantled. If the indicator light of the switch is long, it indicates that the switch has failed. The power should be cut off, stopped, and handed over to the professional for repair.